Dog CC & Best in Show
Lireva's Wildest Dreams
Owned by Averil Cawthera-Purdy

The Committee

Judge: Miss Jenna Chinn

Minor Puppy Dog

1st Abbeyleigh Pomeyre Magic Nori NAF TAF

2nd Love of my Life at Travillon NAF

3rd Alexiasdream Alexamillion

Res Baromar Brooklyns Boy for Marijon’s NAF TAF

VHC Altina’s Henry Higgins

Puppy Dog

1st Paavali’s Paddington At Cassibawn – BEST PUPPY IN SHOW

2nd Love of my Life at Travillon NAF

3rd Altina’s Peter Pan At Paavali

Res Vibrek Total Eclipse

VHC Startori Shades of Silver

Junior Dog

1st Sharmipom Yustan Star Trek At Mariajon IMP RUS NAF

2nd Reta’s Sex In Flames At Breezelyn

3rd Neon From Monella’s Dream For Kazariastar

Res Wilzhund’s Earl Oleg

VHC Boazpoms Blaze In Son

Yearling Dog

1st CH Lireva’s Wildest Dreams – DOG CC & BEST IN SHOW

2nd Vip Pom Stars Magic Moment

3rd Wilzhound Lord Louis

Res Pakov’s Candy Cane

VHC Sharhazlah Luvs A Dare Devil

Post Graduate Dog

1st Breezelyn Time To Shine – RES DOG CC

2nd Amardica Legend of Magic At Startori

3rd Sunami Blues IMP RUS

Res Altina’s Flynn

VHC Sharhazlah Son Of a Devil

Limit Dog

1st Sharhazlah Suave Devil

2nd Paavali’s Rocket Man

3rd Breezelyn Ginvincible

Res Special Edition of Persimoone

VHC Dolls Dreamboy of Alexiadream

Open Dog

1st CH Lireva’s The Power And Glory

2nd Altina Tom Thumb

3rd Breezelyn Latin Gigolo

Res Ch Aizens Dream of Being a Star at Trenarwyn JW IMP ESP

VHC Petitpom Legend Of Love JW

Special Beginners Dog

1st Amardica Legend of Magic at Startori – BEST SPECIAL BEGINNER IN SHOW

2nd Baromar Brooklyns boy for Mariajon’s NAF TAF

3rd Neon From Monella’s Dream for Kazariastar

Minor Puppy Bitch

1st Pomeyre Total Eclipse TAF

2nd Sueacres Legend Of The Fall for Petitpom NAF

3rd Breezelyn Sangria NAF

Res None Such P.S I love You At Travillon NAF

VHC Auberge Miss Pepperpot

Puppy Bitch

1st Norvanik Déjà vu

2nd Paavali Arya’s Heart N’soul

3rd Sueacres Legend Of The Fall for Petitpom NAF

Res Lireva’s Gloria Swanson

VHC Okean Zvezd Of Hope at Foxlyn (IMP UCK)

Junior Bitch

1st Sunny Beach Silva For Poshdonpoms (IMP LVA)

2nd Lireva’s Quintessence

3rd Trenarwyn Ebony Firekraka

Res Alexiasdream Precious Lady

VHC Auberge Khalasse

Yearling Bitch

1st Amardica Walking on A Dream

2nd Klassna Tell Me More With Chibaya

3rd Sharhazlah Devilish Vixen

Post Graduate Bitch

1st Parapom Vivians Fairytail

2nd Misteriya Del Esto Starlet At Boazpoms

3rd Petitpom Sunrise

Res Amardica Legend of Dreams

VHC Lilrosa Exclusive Love for Mylriver

Limit Bitch

1st Pomhaven's Pretty As U Please At Klassna (IMP CAN)

2nd Petitpom Sunset At Sueacres

Open Bitch

1st Rhapsody Of Fire at Trenarwyn - BITCH CC

2nd Spanapoms A Taste of Hoeny at Auberge - RES BITCH CC

3rd Altina's Tudor Rose

Res Alexiasdream Lady Brady

VHC Angelrock Bringing up Baby

Veteran Bitch

1st CH Persimoone Mambo N'five At Paavali


Bitch CC & Reserve best in Show
Rhapsody Of Fire at Trenarwyn
Owned by Caroline Soulsby


Best Veteran in Show
CH. Persimoone Mambo N'five At Paavali 
Owned by Paulette D'arcy & Nigel Duffeild


Best Puppy in Show 
Paavali’s Paddington At Cassibawn 
Owned by Nichola Gooch



CH Show 26/03/2022