Dog CC & Best in Show
Densown Sunrise 
Owned by Fiona & Chris Brown

The Committee

Judge: Mr Frank Kane


Bitch CC & Reserve best in Show
CH. Shelkovy Nos Unique Land Swout Wolf at Angelrock (imp) 
Owned by Paulette D'arcy, Nigel Duffield & Jackie James 


Best Veteran in Show
CH. Cradarr Military Fanfair 
Owned by Nikki Worthington


Best Puppy in Show (right)
Kamis Tintin At Altina (imp) 
Owned by Tina Holman

Reserve Best Puppy in Show (left)
Wishingate Secret Pearl 
Owned by Dianne Smith

Minor Puppy Dog

1 Holman’s Kamis Tintin at Altina (Imp)

2 Pike’s Breezelyn Dandy Dick Turpin

3 Whitelock’s Retas Gabbana

4 Cawthera Purdy Livera’s Sir Tan Chuckles

5 Holman’s Espalain Andselo at Altina

Puppy Dog

1 D’arcy & Duffiled Ta Bozis Here I Come UK to Pavvali (Imp)

2 Davey & Chilton Pomhavens Simply Charming for Klassna (Imp)

3 Fleetwoods Auberge Tyrion

Junior Dog

1 Berringtons’s Altina’s Brooklyn (TAF)

2  Hill’s Toybox Lucifer Among Sharhazlah

3 Stone & Lewis Bilijees Dare To Dream

4  Slough’s Lilrosa’s Despicable Me

5 Pope’s Keisyl Blue Moon

Yearling Dog

1 Jervis’s Darade Sweetest Harry Beau (Imp)

2 Hill’s Toybox Lucifer Among Sharhazlah

3 Berrington’s Solar Smile Very Bright (Imp)

4 Holroyd’s Kelembra King of Desire

5 Bocchino’s Klassna Fashion Classics

Post Graduate Dog

1 Thornton’s Vaders True Grit

2 Orchard & Whitelock Manatek Toy Boy

3 Fleetwod’s Abbeyleigh Dexterity

4 Yule’s Eluy The Dark Nite

5 McDowall’s Carberry Count On Me

Limit Dog

1 D’arcy & Duffiled Pavvali’s Mr Fantastic

2 Odd’s Trenarwyn Chariot of Fire

3 Stone & Lewis Klassna Day Dreamer for Bilijees

4 Fox’s Salsapom De Comandte Che Guevaaara at Foxlyn (Imp) ShCM

5 Ried’s Pomirosa Peter Pan

Open Dog

1 Brown’s Densown Sunrise

2 Cawthera Purdy Ch Livera’s Tarquin Fly The Bear

3 Ogilivie’s Pakov’s I’m a Celebrity JW

4 Fleetwood’s Abbeyleigh Smartypom

5 Reid’s KCT Ch Bai Shou Lin Of Chiao Li Ya at Pomirosa (Imp)

Veteran Dog

1 Hull Greaves Gillipom Stuart Little

Stud Dog

1 Fleetwoods Gypsypoms I’ve Got An Asbo By Abbeyleigh

2 Holman’s Ch Kamis Mystical Legend of Brooklyn at Altina (Imp)

3 Chinn’s Midawn In With A Chance

Minor Puppy Bitch

1 Smith’s Wishingate Secret Pearl

2 Simmon’s Tiny Jewels Love is Only Love For Petitpom (Imp)

3 D’arcy & Duffiled Paavli’s Halo

4 Ogilivie’s Pakov’s Leading Lady

5 Killick’s Klassna Hot Story At Travillion

Puppy Bitch

1 Smith’s To Celia And Vanda From Toybox

2 Pike’s Breezlyn Solitaire

3 McDowall’s Pinch of Snuff For Carberry

4 Knott’s Maid Of Starlight

5 Pope’s Keisyl Blond Moment

Junior Bitch

1 Cawthera Purdy Liver’s Sweet Dream

2 Fleetwoods Abbeyleigh Khaleesy

3 Pickering’s Leahcartoys Lady Sapphire

4 Chinn’s Midawn Total Recall

Yearling Bitch

1 D’arcy & Duffiled Paavali’s Queen of Hearts

2 Chinn’s Gilberta Wings Magical Eyes at Midawn (Imp)

3 Hull Greaves Gillipom Reach for the Stars

Post Graduate Bitch

1 Chinn’s Queentime Milana Of Noble Blood At Midawn (Imp)

2 Ogilivie’s Pakov’s Good To Be Black

3 Charlton’s Vibrek New Beginnings

4 Boye’s Parapom Take My Breath Away

5 Lyon’s Ulybka Fortune Iz Knyaginino Ay Tomalinas (Imp)

Limit Bitch

1 Killick’s Klassna Call Me A Star at Travillion

2 Reids Miss World Of Chiao Li Ya At Pomirosa (Imp)

3 Adamson’s Sylvids Heather Cream

4 Pike’s Baromar Sno Surprise To Breezelyn

5 Slough’s Lilrosa Sunny Delight Of Persimoone(Imp)

Open Bitch

Class 17 OB

1 D’arcy & Duffiled & James Ch Shelkovy Nos Unique Land Swout Wolf at Angelrock (Imp)

2 Ogilivie’s CH Pakov’s Proud To Be Black

3 Pike’s Breezelyn Pimms’O’ Clock

4 Norman’s Abbeyleigh Black Diamond Is Alexiasdream

5 Bailey’s Veltuds Summer Lovin

Veteran Bitch

1 Thornton’s Ch Cradarr Military Fanfare ShCm

2 Fox’s Parapom Mark Of Distinction At Foxlyn JW ShCm

Class 19 Open Brood Bitch

1 D’arcy & Duffiled Persimoone Mambo ‘N’ Five At Paavali


CH Show 16/04/2017