Dog CC & Best in Show
Snowvilla Tropical Storm
Owned by Fiona & Chris Brown

The Committee

Judge: Mrs Averil Cawthera-Purdy (Lireva)

Minor Puppy Dog

1 Reta's Sex in Flames at Breezelyn TAF NAF

2 Paavali's Rocket Man

3 Oroslando Silvestr Lewis at Altina

4 Sharhazlah Kamikazi Devil

Puppy Dog

1 Paavali's Rocket Man

2 Pakov's Earl Grey

3 Sharhazlah Luvs a Dare Devil

4 Wilzhund's Lord Louis

5 Oroslando Martin Sharli At Altina (imp) Naf Taf

Junior Dog

1 Vip Pom Stars Magic Moment

2  Breezlyn time to shine

3 Kazariastar's Pride and Joy

4  Bonniebears touch of magic

Yearling Dog

1 Pascavale Bow Jangles at Altina

2 Parapom Burning Love

3 Sharhazlah's Son of A Devil

4 kararistar's Pride and Joy

5 Lorentis Challenger (imp rus)

Post Graduate Dog

1 Breezelyn Ginvincble

2 Sharhazlah's Suave Devil

3 Midawn tough cookie

4 Paavali's Night King at Cassibawn

Limit Dog

1 Snowvilla Tropical Storm DCC

2 Special edition of Persimoone

3 Pomeyre Dash of Spice

4 Breezelyn Latin Gigolo

5 Paavali's heart and sole

Open Dog

1 Aizens dream of being a Star at Trenarwyn RDCC

2 Pom De Charemir Flurescent Adolescent At Breezelyn

3 Altina's Tom Thumb

4 Petitpom Legend of Love JW

5 Paavali's first choice at Cassibawn

Veteran Dog

1 CH. Misteriya del esto Orion at Altina

2 CH. Pakov's I'm a celebrity JW

Minor Puppy Bitch

1 Aachamoe's Heavens sent for Ismirelle

2 Alexisdream Precious Lady

3 Auberge Agatha

4 Pakov's Touch of Glam

5 Capevidles Firecracker

Puppy Bitch

1 Amardica Walking on a Dream

2 Angelrock Bringing up Baby

3 Klassna Pretty As U R sueacres

4 Klassna tell me more with Chibaya

5 Altina's Costa Pretty Penny

Junior Bitch

1 Alexisdream Lady Brady

2 Kazpom Silver Bell

3 Angelrock Bringing up baby

4 Divinity Star Light

5 Yoshe Toodle Pip

Yearling Bitch

1 Billijees Wishing on a Star

2 The escape artist comes to

Post Graduate Bitch

1 Rhapsody of Fire at Trenarwyn

2 Abbeyleigh Pixie Magic in Hollibell

3 Parapom Vivian's Fairytale

4 Pomheaven Pretty As you Please at Klassna

5 Amardica Legend of Dreams

Limit Bitch

1 Spanapoms a Taste of Honey RBCC

2 Kazpom so Sassie

3 Klassna Time will tell

4 Altina Tudor Rose

5 Hobby Maryden Erin Edwinna for Pomalucci

Open Bitch

1 Sueacres Just a Dream JW BCC

2 Snowvilla moonlight magic

3 Tiny jewel's love is only love for petitpom

4 Pinch of Snuff for Carberry


Bitch CC
Sueacres Just a Dream JW
Owned by Mollie Pastuszka


Best Puppy in Show (right)
Reta Sex in Flames
Owned by Julie Pike & Ashlie Carter

Reserve Best Puppy in Show (left)

Aachamoe's Heaven Sent for Ismirelle 
Owned by Michelle Emmerson


CH Show 23/07/2021